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  M O R O C C O    A    L A  C A R T E

Create Your Own Program From Amongst The Diversity That Morocco Has To Offer You …
   Everyone is in someway familiar with Morocco. Morocco has been the stage for such classics as " CASABLANCA ", " MARRAKECH EXPRESS ", and " LAWRENCE OF ARABIA"

   These Hollywood depictions of exotic palaces and kasbahs, bustling bazaars, snake charmers, belly dancers and charging horsemen are authentic. This land of mysticism, tradition and natural beauty is also a land of hospitality that beckons all type of travelers.

   Morocco has it all ; from climate to culture, from sophisticated cuisine to fascinating architecture, sun-drenched beaches, world renowned resorts and first class hotels, all within a stone's throw of Europe's Southern tip. And of course, there are the fabled cities: Tangier, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, Erfoud… The names themselves conjure up mystery and romance. So whatever your fancy, there is something for everyone in Morocco.
Dream Destination will plan your trip to this fascinating and intriguing land.
   I want each and every program to reflect what my guests are looking for ; whether you want to spend a day or few days, stay in the luxurious hotels of the Imperial Cities or experience the local hospitality in remote villages, just let me know.
   I offer my guests different special types of Morocco Sightseeing's and Tours depending upon your time and personal desires. For the more adventuresome explorer, traveling as an individual or small group affords you great flexibility and is an ideal way to discover the real mystery of Morocco.

   I did select some special programs designed and tailored particularly for guests traveling alone, or as part of a large party with family and friends. It is essentially non-group trips with group prices.


       For guests arriving from Spain or on a cruise ship to Tangier, I do provide several V.I.P Individual programs ; It is the perfect liaison between the majesty of Europe and the mystery of Morocco. Fast ferries depart Tarifa or Algesiras, Spain every hour beginning at 6 am. There is a two-hour time difference between Spain and Morocco during the summer, and a one-hour time difference during the winter. You will gain time upon arriving in Morocco and lose time upon return to Spain. So, plan departure accordingly.



        Perhaps you want to spend a minimum of seven day discovery of Morocco, or enjoy an enchanting journey through the land of 1001 kasbahs, or even a great Saharan adventure. I have personally selected two of my most popular programs :


        As you may know, Morocco is " truly " our specialty. If one of my programs suits you…I am happy, if not let me design a private V.I.P tour for you and your loved ones. A tour that fits all of you according to your desires and interest in travel.
    Dream Destination can do it with quality, service and personal attention !!!

      Please keep in mind that I am able to cater to any demand. Merely, mail me with your itinerary, hotel preferences, date and port of arrival, sites of interest, whether a meal is desired, and any other particulars. I will provide you with information you require within one business day.

    It is our mission to make your experience in Morocco as your Dream.
    Let Dream Destination be your liaison to this mystical land.