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There are cities which the fate is connected to an emblem; a color for example. It is the case of Anfa, a Berber port of the Atlantic known from the 8TH century, to be doomed to "white" and intermittent colonization ! Under Portuguese domination, Anfa was known under the name Casabranca; white house, Dar el Beida or literally in Arabic white bastion. When Spanish traders were established in the city using commerce of wool and wheat, the name became Casablanca.
The fate of Casablanca continued as to be desired by the main European powers: the French, the Spanish, the British, and the Germans. It is solved by the Algeciras conference in 1906 between France and Spain. The history of Casablanca (20,000 inhabitants in 1907) was identified to the French colonization. It became a colonial city by excellence. It symbolizes the colonial myth that we find in movies like Morocco (1930) by J. Von Stern Berg, The Big Game (1934) by Feyder, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) by Hitchcock, or Casablanca (1943) by Curtiz.
1943, in Anfa quarter was the conference of Casablanca which presidents Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaulle and Giraud attended.
Today, with its modern Seaport and strong French accent, Casablanca is Morocco' largest city with over 5 million inhabitants.